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ZYX-S vs V-Bar

Czyli wszystko o sprzęcie, który steruje naszym ogonem :)

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ZYX-S vs V-Bar

Post przez utrinque » piątek, 12 października 2012, 00:22

satgod z Helifreak podzielił się ze mną wrażeniami:

"nothing I fly compares to the v-bar I think the only thing that will get close is the new spartan vortex if they ever release it

the zyx-s is a nice gyro I put it in line with the 3gx and I would fly the zyx-s before the 3gx any day

V-bar offers bank switching and I love it. I have 4 different flight modes configured and at anytime with a flip of a switch I can change how my vbar feels, this is what keeps me with vbar over all others

for 55.00 the zyx-s cant be beat for price and features with the new releases of the beast-x v1 clones if you like beast-x the 60.00 clones are nice also but till now the only good cheap fbl controller was the zyx

if you have the money and you want dead on 3d performance v-bar is my first choice, skookum is my 2nd and beast-x or one of these other fbl's is my 3rd

I do alot of product testing and reviews to help those that cant afford the higher end equipement so they dont spend their hard earned money and get something they either cant use or is not what it claims to be. this way they are not stuck with something they didnt need or couldnt use because of false claims
Trex 600EFL Pro V2 V-Bar(Full Pro5.3) 3xds610 ds650 cc pro bec cc ice2 80hv
Trex 600EFL Pro ZYX-S gyro 3xds610 ds650 cc pro bec cc ice2 80hv
450pro 1860kv(6s) cc50 9257 (3 x henge 922's) 14t pinion, Tarot fbl head(KDE Clone), Blue Mini V-Bar(Pro5.3)"

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